Monday, March 09, 2015

open road

Ok, moving on ... Records like Batteaux's 'Batteaux', John Martyn's 'One World' and Kieran White's 'Open Door' are go to records on days when a guy needs a little sweet, life affirming melancholy from the well traveled minds of thoughtful men. There are others, of course, and these records have all found a special, easy to reach place on my record shelves.

Ex Steamhammer man Kieran White (born in Worthing, UK) recorded only the one solo lp 'Open Door' in 1975 after the bosses at Gull Music, where he worked, heard a demo of the track 'Hummingbird' which he was working on for another artist. Later on he would also work with Ian Carr's Nucleus (a recent obsession). I wanted to make some point about how one can hear the open road on Kieran's solo album, how it sounds more West Coast USA than South Coast UK, which is true enough, and then link it to the fact that he would later move to Oregon and become a truck driver, only i'm not sure that is actually fact (the truck driver part, he did move to Oregon). Check out the irrepressible album opener, 'Open Up Your Door', if you don't already know it...

kieran white - open up your door