Friday, April 18, 2014


I dont know anything about Marju Kuut, I suspect she is the wife or sister of the very brilliant Uku Kuut ??? Well obviously there is a connection... Uku produced her 1992 album 'Zuke' for one. I'm a major fan of Uku and this strings heavy beauty by Marju popped up on his Souncloud feed earlier today (it is also downloadable for the moment). 'Mäng' was previously available on the 22 track compilation of her music called 'Raagus Sõnad' out in Estonia in 2005; it was written by American songwriter and musician Leon Russel. What a gem!

absolutely straight

I'm not breaking any new ground here, just highlighting a track that's been getting a fair bit of play at a.n.o.e. headquarters of late. Phantom Band were made up of a couple of ex Can members and some Dunkelziffers. According to Discogs they initially focused on the Fusion Jazz sound of late Can before shifting in an Art Rock direction. Thus their debut eponymous lp would be the one that peaks my interest most... Weirdly the album's soft blue, chalky, new age/world music sleeve feels disconnected from the good stuff inside it (maybe im reading it wrong); i somehow can't bridge the magic sounds of Hulger Czuckay, Dominik Von Senger, Helmutt Zerlett and Conny Plank with it's thin 80's veneer. Anyway, i been spinning 'Absolutely Straight' quite a bit... those drums, those keys, the spacey bits, it's inventive jaunt... it's anything but absolutely straight... check it if you don't know it..

Phantom Band - Absolutely Straight

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

planet of winds

Ralph Lundsten is a real favourite of mine, though mainly his 70's and early 80's records. Diggers know him well and many a leftfield Disco dj has been heard playing that amazing Discophrenia record. He's incredibly inventive and can weave a thick fog of scenic atmosphere's like few other, his music is also often filled with beautiful intricate and evolving melodies... this makes him easy to obsess over... which i do. So... here's 'The Planet Of Winds' from his 1977 lp with The Andromeda Allstars, an amazing easy funkin groove underpins this journey to far gone places. Huge!

Ralph Lundsten - The Planet Of Winds

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Press Play #75 - Asai

Japanese selector and producer Akihiro Asai aka Dj Asai drops in on a.n.o.e. with a drum heavy mix of serious quality. I first found out about Akihiro as one half of the edit duo Everybody Must Get Stoned or E.M.G.S. You can check them out on Soundcloud here, though you'll notice they haven't been all that busy of late. Back then i was blown away with their original take on things, i still am; some serious digging went down when putting their two 'Editors Must Get Stoned' ep's together. Long time readers will remember me ranting about them before, so i'll just add that they made a real impact on me.

Anyway Akihiro is probably better known these days as a resident dj for the fantastic Dawn parties at Grand Space Quark in Tokyo, where he has played alongside underground heavyweights like Kenji Takima, Dr Nishimura, Chida, Lee Douglas, the Idjut Boys, Shota Tanaka and Dicky Trisco amongst others... i mean, that's some serious cred right there. But 'Ese Ethno', his brilliant mix is all the convincing you'll need.... Huge thanks to Akihiro, i am honoured and very grateful sir. For the rest of you, grab this all styles gem, play repeatedly...
press play #75 - asai - ese ethno

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

once in a lifetime...

It seems obvious now that i know, but until a couple of months ago, it never occured to me to check out Robert Lamm's solo records, i wasnt even aware he had any... i'm slow lilke that. His only record from the 70's (all the others seem to be from the 90's onward) is called 'Skinny Boy', it's the one i found and it's the one that sparked the realisation. What followed the spark was a sort of burning hope that the record would have something along the lines of his more famous work with early Chicago burried somewhere within. Classics like 'Beginnings' and 'Questions 67 And 68' are amongst my all time favourite tracks; they get played regularly with great air guitar strumming and hippy dancing (... ok maybe not). Anyway it turns out 'Skinny Boy' is a smooth sort of record with occasional highs, there's a kind of Micheal Franks meets Jimi Tenor sort of atmosphere to much of its contents, though most of it fails to fully ignite (...for me). Until 'A Lifetime We' on the second side, which is lovely! It would fit well on any decent Balearic mix, though probably that's already happened, right? So... creamy solo beginnings on a Tuesday night...

Robert Lamm - A Lifetime We

Friday, March 14, 2014

galassia m81

The Astral Dimension's 'Galassia M81' is a choice Fabio Fabor produced album, if space is your place. Released in 1981 on Italian label BAM. My favourite Fabor album is his 1980 record 'Aquarium' which is on the Hard label (there's a post up about that from some years ago), but for trippy galactic synth music 'Gallasia' is the one to find. The title track is really beautiful.

The Astral Dimension - Galassia M81

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

hibiscus love

Serious Record Alert! New York based label Alliance Upholstery are about to release their debut 12". It's the kind of record that will fit perfectly amongst your Andras Fox, Uku Kuut, Jex Opolis, Benny Badge and Moon B sides. 'Hibiscus Pacific' from Greeen Linez sounds exactly as you'd imagine a track called 'Hibiscus Pacific' would; a touch of Boogie, a little JazzFunk, a smudge of lo fi House and more than a fistful of Japanese supermarket Muzak. It's pure gold, the way i hear it, and it fizzes and bubbles with a special warm shimmering energy. If that's not enough it's got remixes from Jacques Renault, Socerer and most importantly Moon B who delivers typical icy heat! 

Green Linez are a brilliant collaboration from Tokyo based, Diskotopia label boss Matt Lyne and Chris Greenberg from British 60's band Hong Kong. I recommend scouring Youtube for more of their tracks and some excellent videos. You might start here with the promo for 'Hibiscus'

Label boss Eli Cohen tells me the name Alliance Upholstery comes from his dad's store in Springfield, MA. Describing the label's spirit, he says 'I used to strip furniture there for years. It fits the ethos of the label because we want to take old music (or music that sounds old) and update it in the same way that you would remove the fabric, replace the foam, and recover a piece of furniture'. It's a label i'm certainly going to pay a lot of attention to. You'll find pre-orders are available in Rush Hour and at Juno, amongst others... Do not miss this dreamy Green Linez release.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Press Play #74 - Stupid Human

'Gang of Wolves', the new ep from Stupid Human is in the shops. It's probably doing very well on the charts too... and for good reason... you have it already right? 3 slinky, Disco edged, bearded beauties make up exactly the kind of EP one expects from the Human (hear for yourself here if u havent already done so). It should go without saying that you need to get this toothy edit cluster into your collection.

So i bothered the Human, to answer a few questions and to hand over a new mix for our Press Play series. He's featured in the collection before, back in June 2010, just after he released his second 12"; you can read about it and download it here. The questions and answers follow below, after which you'll find a link to his brilliant mix (it's a real repeat player and you'll need some lino on yer floor). Big thanks go out to the man for his wonderful contribution, I would be nothing if it weren't for the kindness of the great people who bring it for a.n.o.e.

What made you go back to putting out an ep of edits?... I mean dont get me wrong, we want them and it's a great ep! - Thanks, I think it was because i was messing around with a few things and before i knew it i had enough for an EP; the tracks really complemented each other so i thought why not, i love editing but i also want to produce too and i've been doing that with some having suceess and some being not so well received. The distro warned me that original material is a tougher game to play and it is, and rightly so.

How has making this fantastic series of edits influenced your original work? - Edits give you ideas and sometimes if you just use a sample, it's that whole is it an edit or an original work so i suppose they feed off each other.

I personally got very excited to see a record of yours come out on Running Back... will u be working with them again? What is the plan re - your original material? anything new soon? - I hope so, but at the moment i'm just trying to refine what it is i'm doing, it's a personal battle, i think i need to work with some people to make it really work well, i've got a thing coming out on a new label which i did with a good friend of mine Richard Kenney. We dj together and go out now and then and he's really good at crystalising the moment when we're in the studio. Had really excellent feedback on the stuff we've done, so it's worked out really well. So i'm kind of working solo but also working with trusted friends.

Can u give us 5 Disco records that have been on your playlist the longest - Tough one, i rotate my box quite often, i get bored easily, but that said here's 5 that get proper regular plays...

Vakula - New Romantics
Nebraska - Soho Grand
Adjowa - Red Leather
Double Hill & Jerome C - A little More
Mighty Pope - Sweet Blindness

Can u do the same as above with 5 edits?
Disco & Co - Cold Coke
Rick Wilhite - B1 Saldubsa 2

Glowing Palms - Ket Set
that KZA double 12" Dig & Edit

Free Association - Love Affair       

press play #74 - stupid human - rideout

Sunday, March 02, 2014

ghost tapes

For those of you who arent friends with me on facebook, you may be interested in a mix i did for Balearic Social not so long ago. It wasn't an official Sad Ghost thing, though much of the music is exactly the kind of thing the Ghost plays. Check it here on  Soundcloud if u keen.


80's library albums can be a dodgy business, especially anything from '85 onwards. The chances of finding something good are lessened every added year in the decade. That said, there are gems, of course there are. So Anthony Hobson's 1983, electronic opus 'Milennium' for Music De Wolfe is one of those. But dig a little deeper (some of you will probably know this already), and you'll find that Anthony Hobson is also English producer Trevor Bastow. Trevor did a lot of library records for de Wolfe, Bruton, Music House and others. You might also know that his heavyweight 'Hey Disco' album for Programme Music is highly sought after... and for good reason. Bastow was also the man behind several similar releases under the name Unit 9. He was also, incidentally, Geoff Bastow's brother, who is also well known on the library scene. Trevor passed away in 2000. Anyway back to the 80's and 'Milennium' on Music de Wolfe, which has a couple of really great tracks on it; 'Polestar Version 2' is the one most collectors are after. But snuck right at the end of side two is a beauty called 'Savannah Gold' which is the one i'm sharing with you's a real treasure. I see that Basso, who knows everything there is to know, put the full album up on his blog back in 2010, so im not breaking any new ground here, but then maybe you missed it...

Anthony Hobson - Savannah Gold

Friday, February 28, 2014

Jungle Caravan

So attempts are being made to re-invigorate this space. Of course you wont expect tons of glorious posts all at once, but as i say attempts are being made... So many newly discovered gems both new and old to share with you, that might perhaps be new to you and your aural receptors, or even old friends to your infintely more wise and learned ears. For instance, i came late to the whole Yan Tregger flurry of a few years ago, his records are not easily found out here in Africa... on a regular dig i mean. So i would have to resort to listening on the internet and importing these very expensive records when & where possible. I dont, as yet, have a copy of his 1985 album 'Hypnosis' with Daniel Scotto; it's a curious shop of horrors if you like, with typical Tregger tricks and treats, and tracks with titles like 'Horror Dolls', 'Terror Time' and 'Driver'. Im not a huge fan of dark horror type stuff (melancholy is my drug of choice), but this record has a number of really interesting tracks on it with unlikely hybrid forms and inverted inversions which are also most listenable. Here is 'Jungle Caravan', a beautiful, smokey, 80's soundtrack for late nights on earth.

Jan Tregger - Jungle Caravan

Friday, February 21, 2014

Press Play #73 - Jupiter Tuning Center

Jupiter Tuning Center has featured many times on anoe, in various guises. Each of them a quality source of deep rare Jazzy beats. JTC is my favourite; the name is right, the digging is deeper, and space is the place... or Brasil is, in this case. 

Last year in June, Editorial put out JTC's 'Soft Landing', a classy rework of an original by Pete Jolly. In 2011, Rotating Soul put out this essential collection of beats from the Berlin resident. There is an untold amount of unreleased material from JTC and his various monikers, you can check out some of them here. One cant help wonder why there arent more releases of his on vinyl, his music is made for vinyl and certainly the source for most of his reworks, mashups, cutups and remixes is vinyl. The man is a heavy digger with strong opinions on the record industry, all the while hammering away at rare Jazz beats in his interstellar recording laboratory almost every night. 

JTC is a dj too, of course, and it's geared in this mode that he appears here on anoe today. I've been after a mix from him for years, thus i'm delighted to lend your ears this Brazillian essence of sunshine, this 34 track deep, hour and a half journey into the world of Jupiter Tuning Center. Modern latin tracks rub shoulders with unknown Bossa gems, sultry Samba shufflers bump bottoms with break infested beauties... and so on...hardcore breeze. Get on it below... 

(tracklist now in the comments)

press play #73 - jtc - educacao&progresso

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Press Play #72 - Andrew Allsgood

Getting back into the swing of things nicely now... Andrew Allsgood has featured on these pages many times, both in his own capacity and with Alister Johnson as part of Free Association. With a recent appearance on Beard Science and two 12's with Free Association, the man is practically on fire all over again... the imminent third ep from Free Association is a killer Afro leaning 3 tracker that must be aquired at any cost, get it early and avoid the discogs price increases later. This heavyweight record can be heard here. There is something to the lineage of diggers that hail from Canada, it's a different perspective if you like and clearly there's a wealth of left of center and lesser known gems to be found. Andrew says he and Alister mined the three originals on this latest 12 in his hometown of Toronto. It causes me restless nights if i think about it too much. 

Anyway what is more important than all of that is the return of Allsgood to the Press Play series. You get a 2hr trip through some stone cold classics, a handful of Free Association fix ups, a couple of tracks i've never heard before, a cover up and something from Amen Brother Disco Band. It's well class!! Thanks go out to Andrew and you lot can get on it below. I do have a tracklist which i'll put up in a bit..

press play #72 - andrew allsgood - psychedelic sunday

Friday, December 20, 2013

Press Play #71 - Nick The Record

You'd be hard pressed to find a man who knows and loves records more than Nick The Record, the name says it all really. Nick aka DJ Friendly aka Soul Ascendants aka East West Acid Test, aka Oneness of Two aka Lifeforce is a name that's familiar to any serious record collector, he's the boss at online store Dj Friendly Records and he's put out a very decent catalogue of excellent records over the years (some of which feature here). He is one of my favourite DJ's, his sets cover a wide range of styles and almost always contain more than a handful of hard to find, slept on tunes. More than that, his sound is freeform, musical, raw and dare i say organic?... or natural?...  erm anything i say now will just sound naff... The thing is if u know half the dj's in the Press Play series, you already know Nick The Record, which is why you'll also know how pleased i am to have him join the series. Thank you Nick, the mix is a cracker!

Nick has a couple of gigs coming up... tonight actually, at Amp & Deck at The Waiting Room, check here for details, plus he has a New Years Eve shindig in his home town Brighton. Also keep an eye out for a new record from the man on Japanese label Ene in the new year with the honorable Felix Dickinson. Check it!!

press play #71 - nick the record - lazyblend

Monday, August 12, 2013

the return of Underdog...

Boom! and just like that, we're back! I'll give you a run down on things in an upcoming post but for now let's stick to the job at hand. I got a shout from Leonard Part Sixx a couple of days ago, he tells me he's been working on new material for his Underdog edits project and that there are some new releases lined up. This is exciting news, the way i see it. Back when edit culture was going through perhaps it's biggest rebirth, Leonard's Underdog reworks stood out for his unswerving dedication to underground, slept on tracks... There have been some real dynamite edits in the series thus far. So yes exciting. Then to top it all Part Sixx hands over a recent reworking he's done of the Dave Grusin produced 'Funking For Jamaica' by Tom Browne, for your downloading and dancing pleasure. Score! I always dug the original of course and the Underdog edit adds freshness into the mix with an instrument heavy intro. Nice, very nice! 

Of course Leonard also contributed one of our early'ish Press Play mixes which surprised and delighted many readers back in the day (check it if you havent before). There's a good chance he'll be dropping in on the series again... Thanks Leonard for the lovely gift... grab it below.

Funkin' For Jamaica (Underdog Edit)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Press Play #70 - Mr Mendel

Since the seasons on both sides of the equator are about to head off in different directions, i thought it apt to drop two Press Play mixes at once, one for each hemisphere if you like. This one here from Dutch Funk, Soul & Disco DJ Mr Mendel is all about ghetto blasters and summer grooving, while the one in the post below from Andy Pye traverses more insular wintery sounds. 

Mr Mendel, for those that dont already know, is a man to keep an eye on. Not that he's new on the scene; Mendel hosts top class nights I Love Vinyl and The Daisy Age in his hometown Amsterdam and he's been digging hard since he made the cross over to more varied sounds from his Hip Hop early days. One need only to listen to any one of the mixes he has up on his soundcloud page to discover the depth of his skills at both digging and spinning. One might argue that Mendel is amongst the next generation of a lineage that runs through Rahaan, Kon & Amir, Rich Medina, Sadar Bahar and even our friend Marcel Vogel. With some edits of his own beginning to surface, it's pretty clear the guy has a little bit of what we love written all over his future.

As always i feel blessed to have dj's like Mr Mendel drop in on a.n.o.e. Thank you so much for this truly feel good session Mendel. Get on it people...

press press play #70 - mr mendel - sunshine boogie

Track List:
(to follow soon)

Monday, April 08, 2013

Press Play #69 - Andy Pye

I love a good Balearic mix; done right, it can open portals of light leaks on antique memories of lush places you've never visited. It needn't even be beaches, as was traditionally expected of or referenced in this somewhat undefinable category. Andy Pye curates an extensive and truly wonderful series of mixes with his Balearic Social radio show, if you know this area of music, you're already tuned in. People from all over the planet who obsess about music more than most have featured; Moonboots, Graeme Fisher, Paul Jenks, Seahawks, Frank Tope & Balearik Soul amongst them. Andy's one of them, those that obsess about music more than most, i mean. Actually he does the job very well; I'm delighted to have a mix made especially for us here at a.n.o.e. from the man. It's fitting also that it turns out to be called 'Tropical Winter', so those of us heading into the darker colder hours will find the selection goes well with pale sunned mornings and icy sunsets. Thank you so much Andy.

press press play #69 - andy pye - tropical winter

Drop Out Orchestra Interview

Thanks to the help of one Dicky Trisco, I managed to get some questions to the two guys behind Drop Out Orchestra. Their 6 track EP of original Disco 'The Power Of Music' is currently in stores and doing the rounds with a bunch of underground heavyweights. Check out clips of the release after the words if you havent heard them yet; my favourite by far is 'The Blue Train'.

Here's the interview, it went rather well i think...

Tell us about Drop Out Orchestra, How did you meet and decide to work together? Who does what in the group?

Right now there are two of us, Gary Baldi who djs and does most of the studio work, and Inko who is the guitar and bass player. We've known each other for years, and we've played on each others tracks a lot. Somehow the idea to bring the electric bass to the djs booths came up, and we took it from there.

I am loving the 6 originals release, as well as all the remixes that you guys have put through File Under Disco. Are they brand new tracks or have they had a longer life? How did you guys decide who would should remix your tracks? Did it concern you what the artists you chose might do with the originals?

Glad you like em. All six are brand new, we wrote them specifically for this project, we wanted to make an ep with a special sound - lots of live instruments, lots of strings, no vocals.
We listen closely to what the remixers do, but part of the charm to us is not to have too many opinions on what their work, but rather let them play with the parts as they please. The end result is usually more interesting that way.

I see you have been touring all over the place, obviously playing out is a very important thing for you as artists. Would you say the music you make is designed primarily for playing out? I mean is the dance floor the main reason you make music?

Yes and no. Most of our tracks are made to fit our performance, others are more pop oriented with vocals, but we don't play them so much live. We'd get bored if we did only the one sound all the time.

What's it like working with File Under Disco?

Fantastic. Mr Dicky Trisco has to be one of the most professional label managers in the business, and we've seen a few.

Please tell us about your biggest musical influences and some of your absolutely favourite records.

Gary Baldi: Biggest musical influence has to be Kraftwerk, Beach Boys and Chic. Records I always return to are Trans-Europe Express, Pet Sounds, the first two Ramones albums and Madman Across The Water by Elton John. Among the dance records I still think work today and that I still play out would be Brothers by DAF, Number One by Ray Mang, French Kiss by Lil Louis. And Over and Over by Sylvester is simply untouchable.

Clearly File Under Disco is all about current original disco productions, it's an exciting project given that so much of the Disco we get to hear is in a re-edit format (i have no issue with the basic premiss of doing re-edits of course). Tell us do edits actually play any part in influencing the way in which you make your particular brand of Disco?

We only make edits to play out. Sure, some of that stuff is cool but we much prefer original stuff. There's a lack of good songwriters in our genre. Where are the Gamble & Huffs, the Thom Bells and the Arthur Russells of the 2010s?

Lastly could you tell us what your game plan for the next year is. Where to from here?

We'll be touring a lot, making new music - probably turning to more vocal stuff for a while now - and perhaps we'll be trying out new tricks for the live set.
Thanks for the chat, nice one.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Press Play #68 - Marcel Vogel

Ok well i missed my February deadline on a bunch of things that were meant to go up on anoe, not unusual really given the frenetic pace of life outside of the blog these days, not unusual given the ever increasing gaps between posts on the blog. It should be said though, i continue at the very least to hunt out new (and old) participants for our top line of mixes; sterling dj's who love their trade more than air... well almost. I have some other things that must go up too..

So February has traditionally become the month in which Marcel Vogel drops in on our little corner of the www and hands over a new mix for the Press Play series. As already mentioned, i missed the February deadline, so rather belatedly here it is. The mix comes off the back of Marcel's recent mini tour of the States and includes a few tunes from digging sessions out there. What a great mix it is too. Once again, as is often the case when listening to one of Marcel's sets, i'm inspired to go record hunting, as well as to harass the man about who done what track. 

Mr Vogel's label Lumberjacks in Hell is really doing the business right now what with those killer Hugo H tracks hitting shelves about a month back. If you aren't aware, however, that Marcel has also launched a second label called Intimate Friends then 'like' this page. With its focus on original music and some amazing producers, I.F. promises to be a rather splendid affair. I've heard a bunch of tracks made for the label and can say i'm itching to get my hands on all of them. Friends kicks off with a ltd edition 7" featuring remixes of Marcel and Milos Gersi's remake of 'Body to Body'; one by Ruf Dug, the other by Jordan Czamanski, both killer items.

For now however, download this...
press play #68 - marcel vogel - who let jeff in?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Press Play #67 - Rahaan (pt3)

And so the final part of Rahaan's 6 hr Basement Session. Truly great stuff indeed. I'm hoping there are at least a few completest types out there who'll have grabbed all three volumes. I certainly did.

Rah tells me that he started dj'ing in 1988, but that he was buying records from '84. I asked him if he knew what the first record he bought was, to which he said that 'The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight' by Dominatrix was one of the first (though he couldn't be sure if it was the very first). I have twisted dreams about going through Rah or Theo's records.... I know, it's not normal.

So there it is folks, the whole enchilada, the full 6 hours. It's been  an honour to have the man drop in and share his grooves with us. I'll definitely be bothering more great dj's to join the series and am hoping to get a couple of guys back in for a visit. Keep em peeled....

press play #67 - rahaan - the basement session pt 3