Friday, February 13, 2015

the limo must flow

Well maybe it's the end of days... or something epochal... or not... But if you'd told me several years back that i would post a track by Gino Vanelli up on anoe, i might have straight out punched you. He, amongst many, is the antithesis of everything i like about music... or so i thought. Probably some of you already know his early records and have already discovered the one or two surprises deep in his back catalog... look i still dont like the man, all that benign shlock MOR, the feather leather hair and curly black trousers... so imagine my surprise when hearing this track from his 'Brother to Brother' album... Two things... first off i'm surprised no one did an edit of this back when Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Fleetwood Mac et al were getting regularly sliced and diced and secondly, this got me rocking in my limousine tonight...

gino vanelli - the river must flow