Thursday, December 28, 2006

Slo Mo Afro

Early 80's band Allez Allez's classic track 'African Queen' got the ultra remix treatment by Quiet Village, who turned this New Wave, Afro tribute to Grace Jones into a slo mo Balearic unmeasurable force. I wanted to post the original by this Belgian outfit since i began A.N.O.E. but decided to hold back until now, though I'm not really sure why. The sultry vocals are by American vocalist Sarah Osbourne who would later marry Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17, though it didn't last all that long. 'African Queen' used to get a lot of floor time at the legendary U4 club in Vienna, according to Dorfmeister, around the time of cosmic, meets disco, meets Afrofunk. Interestingly Makrugaik, A.N.O.E's other contributor feels this is exactly where the current cosmic, slo mo disco scene is heading, i couldn't agree more. Once again i must urge regulars here who avoid my afro posts, not to ignore this number, you'd be missing out on some essential booty.

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It was many many time that I was searching this song. I've got the LP. Thank's
Jerome of Paris