Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nassau's Orgone Soul

The Beginning of The End's one big disco hit 'Funky Nassau pt 1' is of course a major classic, the band originated from Nassau where it's three Munning brothers' father owned the famed 50's & 60's night club 'The Cat & The Fiddle'. Henry Stone of TK Disco discovered them in Nassau and recorded the track for his label but leased it to Atlantic in 1971 after which it jumped to no 15 on the Billboard charts and sold millions of copies world wide. It's essentially a kind of black tropical disco init ? It's also recently been beautifully covered by Orgone, the band behind Plantlife, Breakestra & The Pharcyde amongst others. Their Afro funk take gets a really lovingly extended edit by edit king Danny Krivit himself, plus on the flipside are two exquisite organic funky items called 'Hambone' & 'Sophisticated Honky'... mmmmmm solid groove's baby. The edit is put out by the very lovely Nuffrope Records, trust me beat hunters, this is absolutely essential, hunt it down and get yourself a copy, it comes very highly recommended by yours truly; in a year of killer edits this one funks high up in the top ten.



Anonymous said...

hey, thanks so much for the kind words. so nice to be appreciated! great site. see you around, sean o'shea (orgone).

chris keys said...

Hey Sean. I have been playing all three tracks like crazy, just loving them. Wow I'm pretty stunned to find u in my mailbox this morning, but what a nice surprise indeed. Thanks for the great music, really awesome! and um nice to meet u. pop in anytime :)