Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Parasites Ate My Edit

Fad Gadget's 80's proto - electro 'Love Parasite' gets stripped down and dubbed out by Your Favourite Dancer (aka Steve Kotey) for BigBear, one of the Bear Entertainment offshoots. The Ep also contains a great edit of Gary's Gang's 'Keep on Dancing' amongst other Idjut Boys styled fun. There's a second EP in the series from which I'll post something in the future. I just love this discofied edit (OK so when do i post stuff i don't love - I should just stop saying that), I can see myself doing a goth dance with bleached white hair (no wonder I've gone bald) and yucky pointy shoes on a beer stained wooden dance floor and yet the mirror ball spinning above my head adds pixel love vibes and colour to this future retro memory. Frank Tovey's steel grey voice is absent from this mix, so u get a picture of him instead.

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