Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A little classic Ashley Beedle, Uschi Claasen, Diesel, and friends from back in the 90's for ya on this Thursday morning. The same group of people were of course Black Science Orchestra, Uschi's keys always did it for me, she always managed to perfectly sweeten things over Ashley's Disco samples. 'Blacker' was originally released as part of their Ballistic Brothers vs The Eccentric Afro's project, they did two albums in this format, then dropped the Eccentric Afro's bit and produced at least two really great albums as The Ballistic Brothers. Later Mr Beedle and Diesel went on to do their Xpress2 project with Rocky which continues to this day. Its got that timeless vocal sample from what sounds like Martin Luther King talking about being 'Blacker than thou'. Nice.

Note: Rocky dropped us a message to correct me on the fact that he was also in the Ballistic Brothers. I'm really pleased he popped in, I always thought very highly of the man. Good to meet ya Sir.


Anonymous said...

love the site man-pretty sure it's a gil scott heron sample, not a mr king one.
take care

Anonymous said...

Lovely track, thanks. Off to go dig out all my old Ashley Beedle stuff.

chris keys said...

jack - yup indeed u are right about that, thanks.

epm - nice site, gonna add u shortly, keep coming back, i got a few more beedle tracks coming up, been digging his old sound a bit lately. thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

For your information. I was part of Ballistic Brothers also. Not just X-Press 2.
Many thanks,
PS. Great site.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the sample from 'Chameleon' by Herbie Hancock!
Thanks for posting that tune, been looking for it everywhere...