Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In The Garden Of Community

New York Community Choir were an act that was championed by Walter Gibbons after he supposedly lost his mind. The legend goes that Instant Funk's legendary mix of 'Got My Mind Made Up' was originally started by Gibbons, who was becoming extremely religious at the time. He took offence to the lyrics of the song and when the producers refused to change them he walked out of the session. Larry Levan was called in to take over the session and ended up being credited with the mix. Or not. The point is that Gibbons kinda went off the rails a bit about religion. Inadvertently there was method in his madness. Some say that through bringing these gospel tracks into clubs he may have started the trend to more soulful vocals a' la house. Gibbons the inventor inventin'. Makrugaik

Editors Note: I just wanted to add, that just because it's a Gospel track, this track should not be missed, it's sample heaven, with some crazy beats at the end and an interstellar bass line throughout. Go on do an edit, u know u want to...



Anonymous said...

This song was ALWAYS one of my favorites! Wonderful!! I saw a homeless guy selling a near mint copy of the RCA 12" last summer for a few bucks and passed it up. STUPID!!!

chris keys said...

hey anonymous - this mp3 is recorded off one of those RCA mint coppies, found in a bargain bin here in SA. Dude! U shoulda grabbed it - oh well.