Monday, January 29, 2007

Kingston in the Snow

Originally part of Kingston based group The Sheiks, Eddie Spencer recorded his version of 'If This Is Love' in 1967, it's a fantastic quality blend of Soul, Funk & Reggae. Dusty Groove's describes it as 'a tune that soars high on waves of strings, but still snaps nicely at the bottom with a really Detroit-heavy sort of groove!' Eddie was born in Montego Bay but decamped to Toronto when his band decided to stay while touring North America. It was there where he did the vocals for this hot item, while the backing track had been originally recorded in Detroit for Arc Records. I been listening to it on and off all day.

On another note, be sure to go over to Grooveprovider and dig around for some pretty cool disco, house, soul, afro, funk, and techno. Dexter Wansel's 'Sweetest Pain' is on there somewhere and must be had. U will spot a few bits of the track which have been sampled by 90's downtempo and house acts, most notably Global Communication's rip of part of the vocals. I always dug this tune! Looks like its gonna be a very nice blog indeed. Good Luck to ya DannyBlue.


DannyBlue said...

Thanks for the kind words Christopher. The Sweetest Pain has just the smoothest opening. When the bass and percussion kick in, and then the drums a little later, it still gives me goose bumps.

chris keys said...

hey Danny, sure it's a pleasure. we love to support people doing what we like.