Friday, January 19, 2007

Mo Beedle

I thought I'd post this lesser known Ashley Beedle number to partner the 'Blacker' upload from a few days back. The man, along with Uschi Claasen (as always), James Dearlove and others were then known as The Delta House of Funk and released tracks on Go Beat/Go Discs. 'Harry Coltrane's National Holiday' is like a Black Science Orchestra outtake that's been stretched out into a lazy slo mo soul diversion. There are some very nice found sound details and great deep keys from Ushci. Oh and who is Harry Coltrane exactly

Note: Apparently Harry is the son (thanks Rocky)


Anonymous said...

Harry Coltrane is his son

Stylo350s said...

Any chance of a re-up of this track?