Monday, January 22, 2007

Seeing Double

While we're in the 80's, Does anyone remember 'Captain of Her Heart' by Double? Yeah well I wasn't very big on it either, but Double did very well with it, eventually reaching no 16 on the American Billboard charts, not bad for Swiss band. Anyway very recently another track of theirs, a slightly older one from 1984 called 'Woman of the World' has found itself being resurrected, albeit in its instrumental form' by a number of really good dj's including Ame and Tod Terje (who's done an edit of the track) and has even gotten a re-release on the uber cool Permanent Vacation. Most notably Henrik Schwarz uses it on his recent DJ Kicks album, well notably for me as i think he's one of the most interesting producers around at the moment and his heavily eclectic mix for K7 is probably the best of the entire series. 'Woman of the World', somehow has managed to escape the aging process, in fact it sounds more modern in the light of current trends in the underground dance scene.

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Anonymous said...

before all those dj that used the tune ''woman of the world'' in their sets,re edit etc etc,it was the mighty
dj harvey that used it first in his glorious ''sarcastic disco mix''.
aka don giovanni