Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We Love to Move U

We Move are a collective of exceptionally talented German musicians who share a love of various forms of black music. They released a really brilliant showcase ep back in 2005 on their label High Steppin. Each of the artists contributed their own track which vary stylistically from Hip Hop to Deep House to Disco to Soul and Broken Beats. There isn't a lame track amongst them. I would post the lot actually but have decided to go with the Noy track 'Upwind' since it flows in a crisp modern, Fusion Space Disco sort of Deep House way, kinda right to follow the Raw Silk track below. If u can get your hands on this EP, it's truly worth hunting down, I may even post one or two of the other numbers some time later.


freakscomeoutatnight said...

I'm one of the artists on this EP. Thanks for your support and the good review (the best one yet).

Could you please contact me via my profile email? I'd like to send you some promo stuff.


chris keys said...

awesome, Nice to meet you and check your mail....