Monday, January 08, 2007

When Words Fail

'Trying To Find A Way' by Regeneration is a warm, spiritual, soulful groove which is from their 1976 Strata East album. Essentially Regeneration is stellar pianist Stanley Cowell working with a number of top musicians in various configurations, the classic 'Travellin Man' is from the same album. 'Trying To Find' is a free thinking pro-love song that could only have been written in the 70's, it's acoustic folkish soul jazz setting suits it's message perfectly. Of course Stanley is much loved by many of today's more interesting artists and labels having featured recently on ?uestlove's 'Making Babies' compilation, Kindred Spirits 'Free Spirit' collection, as well as having been covered by Build An Ark and many others. Lot's of newer goodies are on their way shortly, we haven't gone entirely retro here at A.N.O.E. It's all about the diversity of sound as always. (It's another one for u M.)

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