Monday, February 19, 2007

Delicious Harmony

Left field headz the world over, know a thing or two about Harvey. It seems strange now, that in his formative years as a dj, his name was inextricably linked with super club and label Ministry of Sound, an organisation that has long since given up it's pursuit of quality for far more commercial endeavours. Harvey was their legend in the making, playing the club both Friday and Saturday nights (due in part to his versatility and also his popularity). He was well known even then for his journeys into weirdness, which his fans loved and still love to this day. Of course it's also known that Mr Harvey played as a drummer for an early incarnation of Jamiroquai and had formed several bands before his dj'ing days, though at the crucial time of the mid 90's he had formed the rather excellent Persuasion with keyboardist Pete Z and started his now highly sought after Black Cock releases. Harvey always managed a very cool balance between fresh new sounds, Disco, classics, House and stranger tracks, bringing his audience up to speed on new Jazz elements, Funk and more. Since I have been going through my collection and doing the Ashley Beedle thing, it was inevitable that i would have to drop some DJ Food on you readers of A.N.O.E and this Harvey mix of their track 'Peace' is undoubtedly a mid 90's classic left field Jazz House hybrid of oddness and beauty. Enjoy!

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