Sunday, February 18, 2007

Delirium is Feelin' Good

The below Magick Edit Allstars edit post of Francine McGee's 'Feelin Good' raised the question of an instrumental version which is oddly called 'Delirium', apparently it's on the flipside of the original release, so I figure the Magick's used it rather than editing out Francine's um... delirious vocals. According to an anonymous source, said instrumental, a link for which can be found in the comments section of the Magick post (thanks to Acidbearboy), was the version that got spun a lot at The Loft & Paradise Garage. Anyhow Acidbearboy of Groovin' You requested a copy of the original, so here it is, feel good!


acidbearboy said...

Cheers, can't say I'm really fond of the vocal though. It just seems so unnecessary when there is such a great backing.

chris keys said...

yeah without the vocal is better, thanks again for the instrumental.