Friday, February 09, 2007

Back to the comfort zone...

I've featured a fair bit of Beatfanatic's music up on Another Night, and this will certainly not be the last you'll hear of him here, unless he tells me stop posting his tracks. When Tore Sjoberg released his 'Gospel According to Beatfanatic' album, which I rate very highly of course, the first 500 pressings came with a lovely extra 12" with 5 burning tracks on it. There was also no info on the label, which makes it a kind of white label I guess. The track I'm posting seems to be a rework of an older track called 'Music' off his first, relatively difficult to find, album 'Adventures In The World Of No-Fi Beats' (there are copies available on CD only through an Australian bunch). Anyway its a great slice of midtempo party disco with an underlying dub quality to get your weekend started.

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