Monday, February 05, 2007

For Your Soul

Described by some as one of the greatest Jazz Funk groups of the 70's Breakwater, from Philadelphia, released only two albums through Arista, both of which were pretty sought after items and have had limited pressings through Japanese labels, though fairly recently got re-issued by Arista themselves. 'Say you Love me Girl', from their second album 'Splashdown' is a warm, mellow, smooth but not overly polished classic which was strangely quiet rare until the re-issues. Originally out in 1980 in the States, the single got picked up by UK dj's in '86 making it an underground hit there. Kae Williams Jnr, who was the bands leader I guess went on to record with Change, B.B. & Q, The Richie Family and Hi Gloss for the esteemed Prelude label. Enjoy.

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