Monday, February 26, 2007

The Future

I'm back from the seaside, where i had a really great holiday thanks to the very special man with a plan MSP. Thankyou kind sir I owe u much.

So lots of new and old tracks coming up for your pleasure, starting out with this off the wall edit by the Idjut Boys. I'm obviously a fan of the Idjut's, their dub chambers never cease to amuse, amaze and entertain me. Most dj's who attempt to pull off eclectic play lists have nothing on the multiple personality collection that is their 'Press Play' compilation. We recently put up the Willis track from this amazing thing, but I wanted to pop up the Tantra track too. 'A Place Called Tarot' is a far out, freak, Disco extravaganza with shades of Blondie, Chic, Visage, Electro oddness, New Wave lunacy and even some lush warm keys thrown in to balance it all out. Tantra, an Italian outfit,
had Celso Valli as one of it's key members, the man known for production on "Walking in the Neon' amongst other pioneering Italo Disco numbers. Ok so our friends at Emperor Penguin Machine put this up recently but that wasn't gonna stop me tonight. Get it here if u didnt get it there.

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