Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Melody is Sweet

I was recently given a copy of this Aged In Harmony Disco track, by a new friend made through A.N.O.E, who goes by the name of Merhaba and who lives in Stockholm. He sometimes organises really good parties and dj's there. The track is dynamite, very catchy, has high sweet levels and a sexy rollerskating rhythm and bass section. It came out on Mor-Tones in the late 70's. These days, apparently, Arnold Moore, who was the acts creative force/producer, dabbles in TV and real estate, though he does still have a home studio and occasionally records local Flint Michigan artists. Thanks very much M for the sweetness.


1 comment:

Waxist Selecta said...

Hi would it be possible to put back the "Aged in Harmony" back on download?

Many Thx!