Thursday, February 01, 2007

When is the new stuff coming?

Surely everyone who comes to A.N.O.E. will know the disco band Odyssey, well this post is not about that Odyssey, it's about the other one. What? U didn't know there was another one, you're probably not a Japanese Jazz Dance or Free Soul aficionado then (yup it's big in Japan I hear), well I know some of you are. Odyssey, the other one, were a Mowest signed band (that's Tamla Motown's subsidiary label) who were fronted by Royce Jones, who would later sing backing vocals for Steely Dan amongst others, and who released one album back in 1972. 'Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love' comes from that one album. It's such a beautiful Folkish Jazz number and like the post below, has some pretty meaningful lyrics, well for me anyway. Who we choose to love, does indeed determine much of our experience here on this planet. Ok so now that you all think I'm just an aging hippy I'll have to pull out some banging electro for the next post. There is some distortion toward the end of the track, every time I record the track, it's there, sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

this is a thirsty tune !!.. this is aways played during the month. top post cheers ears .. jsun

chris keys said...

Hey Jsun
I had a feeling you'd know it. :)

Bob said...

I read on Original Soul 4 Life that the 1972 album was re-released on CD in 1998. I would love to have a few copies. I wore out my vinyl copy that Royce gave me in 1972. He is still my friend and sould brother to this day. Still jammin with The Stonebridge Band. ANyone know where I can get the CD's?

Bob Savanich