Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Club Damage

Michoacan's Grayhound release '2 Bullets' from back in 2004 remains a great dance floor track. Sitting somewhere between Nu Disco & Talking Heads (lets be honest his voice is fantastically similar to David Byrne's), this track will cause mahem on your dancefloor. With fans like Harvey & The Glimmer Twins, both of whom would later remix the track, you get the idea his work is of the most excellent quality. Just download it, if u didn't get it before, and see for yourself, then go buy some of his releases which have graced Heading Home, Tiny Sticks, Bear Entertainment & Lektroluv amongst others.



Matt said...

Can't wait to check this one out. His "She's Sent (Heaven)" on Tiny Sticks last year was a choice selection.

Matt said...

Now I've listened. Nice, nice, nice.

chris keys said...

Hey Matt - yeah and it was his first release - good going basically.