Thursday, March 08, 2007

Free Wheelin'

We've been handing over a lot of dance tracks lately, so i figured it was time to go crate digging for something a little different. Back in 1972 the Paul Winter Consort released an album called 'Icarus', it's described as Earth Music with pioneering World Music aspects, and while it is meditive and has a plethora of non western influences and instrumentation, the albums standout track 'Sunwheel' totally rocks in a Funk Folk CTI sort of way. 'Sunwheel' has a rich lush orchestration which pulls in Jazz, even Soul & most certainly Folk, which combine to inform it's obviously tree hugging outlook but it is also unquestionably the sort of thing that might have influenced Black Science Orchestra and u might even expect to find it up on Lovefingers or Bumrocks. Personally I think it's pretty incredible and was glad to find it. Free Soul Jazz fans, don't skip this.

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