Thursday, March 29, 2007

Glorious Mudd

Paul Murphy's actually been producing under his Mudd moniker for years now. I was digging around in the records today and found this one from back in 2001 on the Idjut's Noid label, ofcourse I love this label. Anyway on the flip of his 'Garden Love Fat' release is a great edit of Sea Level's Fusion, Disco, Jazz hit 'Sneakers (Fifty Four)', renamed by Mr Murphy as 'Yellow Nanny'. All the like 'heavy' noodling stuff has been cut from the original leaving the spacey keys and of course that killer groove. Is it as fresh as his current productions? Probably not, but it's an edit after all and it totally works in the mix, I dig it.


Ced said...

very good fact i don't know the original.
mr boum boum

chris keys said...

hey Ced
the original is actually rather nice, its a jazz fusion classic, Ill post it for you one of these days..