Monday, March 12, 2007

More Jazz Bizniz

'Jazz Bizniz' is an incredible series put out by the very brilliant Counterpoint Records. Volume 1 contains some highly sought after Jazz, Funk, Soul, Bosa & Disco goodies and even though it came out way back in 1999, it still gets a lot of heavy rotation around these parts. Normally I wouldn't upload two tracks from the same LP but sometimes these things can't be helped, plus I'm just feeling very jazzy today. So first up is Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste's awesome cover version of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition', it's a heavy heavy funk workout with incredible spacey keys. Second up is another Lorez Alexandria number, 'Morning' i'ts a near perfect crisp jazz breeze with some wonderful unsentimental lyrics of lost love. If you're into this sort of thing hunt down the three volumes of 'Jazz Bizniz' - very worthy stuff.


Unknown said...

thanks for these. nice introduction. i see what you mean about stevie's cover.

chris keys said...

hey Soup, yeah no problem man, glad you like it, I certainly do. more jazz bits coming up in the future.