Thursday, March 01, 2007

Smoke Signals

The Turtles were a psychedelic folk bunch with, as Discogs states, pop sensibilities. They we're around from the mid 60's onward, a sort of sub Beatles group with a penchant for pot and American Indian influences amongst other folksy type endeavours. 'I'm Chief', is unquestionably a bit crazy, but this Todd Terje (as Tangoterje) edit is totally funky, aswell as a bit nutty. It'll certainly get a lot of not so euphoric glances, grins and snickers from the groovers on your dance floor should u be daring enough to play it. Supreme Records put it out in 2005 and it's a whole lot of Harvey'esque fun, frankly i think it's brilliant.


jez said...

I was planning to work on this track myself - now I don't have to!

Guaranteed to be the only track you will play all night containing the phrase "We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts".

chris keys said...

hey Jez, those crazy nutty turtles... we'd love to hear some of your edits if u feel up to sharing them.