Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Twist and Pout

From 06, a little warped Nu Disco by Spektrum, 'Horny Pony' gets brilliantly remixed by Greg Wilson on Nonstop Recordings. And if that's not enough a little more Greg Wilson magic, with him taking on Martin Brew's 'Galactico' which came out on Fat City. Go on dance all over the room, you know you want to throw down some twisted shapes, if only the neighbours could see u now! Pouting yet? I always go on about Danny Krivit but Greg Wilson is without question as good but in a different direction, less about classic crate Soul & Disco and more about the Pop, New Wave, Electro Funk and sometimes wonkier end of things. He has soul in bucket loads of course and isn't afraid of touching just about anything, he is probably one of the bigger influences on the 'mash up' idea, sometimes jamming an edit with multiple found sources, without ever really doing a mash up, so to speak. He has an unmistakeably British sound for me, even though he played tracks from all over, and of course he was well known for his Piccadilly Radio shows and residencies at The Hacienda, amongst other legendary night clubs. More coming up from this great great talent.

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