Friday, April 20, 2007

3am Eternal

Essex Boys I-Level released two albums in the 80's, their track 'Give Me' was a big hit in the US on the R&B scene and 'In The Sand' off their second album is a much sought after Rare Groove item. Their sound is a clean mix of funk, soul & reggae played out in a classic 80's electronic British kinda way. I've been playing this remix/dub of 'Give Me' called '3am' from 1982 a ton over the last few days and while at first it seems pretty simple and on the friendly side of catchy, the more i play it the deeper and deeper it seems to get. Awhile back Bumrocks uploaded a number called 'Heart Aglow' which is truly beautiful and is responsible for my newly found interest in the band (actually i remember seeing the records when I was younger but never knew who they were). Check it out!!

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