Sunday, April 01, 2007

Count Balearic

I've said it before Quiet Village Project can't be beat and since their releases are pretty few and far between, limited in print runs and snapped up way faster than their slo mo beats, they become instant collectors items. Musically they are way ahead of the pack, taking old idea's like sampling and editing to entirely new heights. 'Drax' has been blogged before (no amount of overexposure could come close to killing it though), as has it's A side, the incomparable 'Too High To Move', but links expire, people forget and as it's late and I can't sleep I thought I'd hand it over. It's moodier than anything on Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack though it would fit in perfectly were the film made last year. Apparently it's based around a sample from a Robert Schroder track, but don't bother asking me which one... If u don't already have it, it's time u did, this Balearic Cosmic classic is naught but essential.

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Anonymous said...

wow wow wow! i love it! thanks a lot, in fact thanks a thousand times for this track! really good sound! the ambiance has such great personality! waaaaaa
trop bien ^^