Sunday, April 22, 2007

Supersonic Baby

Getting off the Cosmic Disco Train for a bit. Simbad aka Marathon men have a done a fair bit of exciting material since the early 2000's, some of it is pretty hot; their Gamm release, 'Sweet Exorcist' from two years back was top dollar. So they've got a couple of very bluesy, hot off the press (ie. released early April) tracks floating around. 'Supersonic Revelation' with Abdul Shyllon, out on Raw Fusion is a little bit of Prince styled Funk and Blues over a real slowed down, detailed Theo Parrish/Moodyman kinda groove. Absolutely essential in my books, did I say essential?. The release has two more uptempo mixes on the 12" but the original is the one for me. As Marathon Men, these guys also just put out two beautiful remixes on Gamm. The B-side of the new release is called 'Bye Bye Baby', honestly i don't know who's track this is originally but it gets worked over in a very smooth & spacey, deep house kind of way. It's beautiful and pretty slick.

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