Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surfers Soul

There's no hiding the fact that A.N.O.E. loves a good edit, so here is another one from Joe Mojo, who currently lives, surfs, does edits and makes music in Kauai and Phdj Eugene, who lives in Brooklyn and dj's weekly at Metropolitan & Supreme Trading in New York. This time they take on Stevie Wonder's brilliant 'Black Man', once again working their magic, I've been playing it all week. Joe's promised me more from their collection to share with ya'll.... see me happy!



Ced said...

Hello mr ANOE, i'm back from my hollyday's....and my first visit on the net is for your blog.....i take closed eyes all what i miss and i miss a lot of things...and it's smell good...todd, krivit, hamilton, marvin stevie....as usual great taste and good ears.
Mr Boum boum
ps i have no time to shared something on my blog...but soon

chris keys said...

Hey Mr Boum Boum... welcome back buddy, I hope you had a great Holiday... enjoy the tunes...