Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dancing in New York

Back in the mid to late 90's, I was very lucky to be in a guy called John Alex's circle, this New Yorker used to send me tunes on a monthly basis, many were orders, many were recommendations, the guy had more enthusiasm and energy for music and life than anyone else I have ever known and knew exactly what I was after. Sadly he died some years into our friendship, I miss his calls, he used to call just to talk for hours about music and life in NY. Disques Du Livres' 'Dancing in New York' on Noid from back in 1997 is one of my favourites from John, I can't play it without thinking of him. As such it's one of my favourites on this, one of my favourite labels, but you know that already. Space Disco at it's best, recommended by one of the finest record pushers and nicest guys I have known. I never got round to asking who the original is by, anyone??

Disques Du Livres - Dancing in New York


Anonymous said...

this is a sweet tune, and a great way to pay tribute to your friend. thank you for the story and the song.

chris keys said...

thanks man, it is a great track from a great guy.... now u have it too :)

fabien said...

the original is "New York is my kind of town" by Metropolis (salsoul)