Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Joy of Black

Blackjoy's 'Untitled' was one of my favourite deep house/disco tracks for a few years, I didn't see such a cool underground track getting picked up by a bigger label, almost two years later, getting remixed by big names and reaching a wider public, it just isn't that sort of track. 'Moustache' is a little more Disco, but equally underground and the same thing happened with it. Proof, if you're looking for it, of these guys wider appeal and talent for really great dancefloor numbers. Here's one from a Radio Nova compilation called 'Starship', it's one of those Nu Balearic numbers (yeah Nu Balearic just isn't gonna catch on is it ?), designed for lazy summer daze and lying under the stars, with lots of deep space fx, jazzy drumming, a hypnotic groove, evolving beauty and slick slick jamming.

Blackjoy - Starship


Mark said...

Damn, these guys kill it every time. They need put out an LP of all their tracks. Perfect music for that joyride to the farthest reaches of the cosmos on cruise control.

chris keys said...

yeah i feel the same way - they're the best in the whole new disco scene and there are many greats now, but Blackjoy rule, an album is surely on the way