Monday, May 07, 2007

The Number One Song In Heaven

Hunting for records, may well be my favourite pastime, kinda obvious I guess. This weekend I got my greasy paws on a number of things which will undoubtedly land up here on ANOE. My eyes lit up when I found the 1979 Moroder produced, red see-through vinyl 12" of Sparks' 'The Number One Song In Heaven'. It's totally mad, as Sparks should be, I mean you all know 'This Town Ain't Big Enough' right? Well imagine the perfect end of the night Cosmic Disco anthem and you're only half way there, throw in some brilliant high pitched Queenesque (no much much better) vocals, a shift in bpm's that will have the beards on your floor headbangin' (is there such a thing as beard banging?), those ubiquitous Moroder chuggin' pads and lyrics to put the most morbid amongst us right. Good good fun this...

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