Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Worst Friends Are Better

Worst Friends aka John Paul Jones & Ryan Cavanagh may read ANOE, but more importantly they are fantastic producers with a very bright future, check their my space page to hear a great remix of 'Eraser', aswell as some other tracks, one of which the Friends very kindly gave to me to hand over to you. 'Forming At The Mouth' by Benoit Pioulard gets remixed by John & Ryan, who turn it into an exquisite slice of warm Folk Electronica with elements of sparkling Nordic glitchiness. The track half reminds me of a classic unreleased Ultramarine item, but its fresher, more intricate, more interesting because of the acoustic guitar, vocals and modern cut up sounds. Pioulard himself has shown some real interest in this beauty and is looking at releasing it. Check it out!

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