Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't leave, the party's just getting started

I recently heard this on a Metro Area mix, it put me in a bit of a sweat, you know the kind, one of those 'must have this immediately' type nervous sweats. TC Curtis' 1985 'You Should Have Known Better' is an incredible slice of Electro Soul Disco, which originally came out on Hot Melt (it's this one that's gonna set u back a fair amount of cash), but it saw a re-release on Sire & Virgin in the same year. The sweet hooks and vocals already make this track pretty essential, but the bonus of italo keys and a killer, slightly faster than, midtempo groove make it more than a little desirable. As always check it if you don't know it already... Oh did I mention the 12" comes with an instrumental on the flip if you don't like the vocals, but how can u not like the vocals???

TC Curtis - You Should Have Known Better

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