Thursday, June 28, 2007

Press Play #4

If you were wandering around a particular council estate in Cheltenham, deep in the heart of the Cotswold's, you might be lucky enough to hear the special sounds of DJ Paul Williams floating across a light summer breeze. Then again you may already know Paul from his residency at Bam Bam in Birmingham or perhaps his mixes on the Trackwerk site. Paul's done a really fantastic mix for the A.N.O.E. Press Play series, a heady Balearic brew of 80's crate finds along with some newer top gear; needless to say, when the RAF kicks in I can't help grinning inanely, the Findlay Brown, Yello & Stretch all slay me too - well honestly a lot here excites me. Anyway it's a perfect poolside journey that's been getting major play from me, I feel very proud & excited to hand it over to you now.

Paul's got a gig coming up with Solid State in Sheffield later this year, so keep your eyes open for that, as well as his Mom-in-law's 60th, she's his biggest fan and has been to nearly all his gigs - lucky woman, she's probably on the guest list in'it?

When I asked Paul what he thinks of the rise in Balearic sounds, he answered : 'It’s funny but it’s got no legs. Balearic music is generally way too chilled and sedative to be peak hour – I doubt it’s what the K kids really want to listen too. It would be nice to see people like Jolyon, MK7, Moonboots and Balearic Mike get some serious props out of it though. I suppose the best thing to hope for would ideally be promoters, venues and club goers generally becoming less tribal and more open to dj’s that take risks.

Someone called me a “Balearic DJ” the other day, but I struggle with that. I’ve only been to Ibiza once (insert confuzed smiley).'

Here's the track listing and as always you can find the mix under press play on the right hand bar. Thank you very much Paul!

1. Bryan Ferry - Windswept (Inst.) - EG 12" UK 1980
2. William Pitt - City Lights - Sierra 12" 1987
3. RAF - Self Control - Carrere 12" US 1984
4. Double - Tomorrow - Polydor LP UK 1985
5. Steve Miller Band - Slinky - Mercury 12" German 1986
6. Snowy White - Changing Ways - Island 12" UK 1986
7. Chris Rea - Urban Samurai - Magnet 12" UK 1983
8. Reverberi - Stairway To Heaven - UA LP US 1977
9. Findlay Brown -Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix) - White
10. Yello - Call It Love (Trego Snare Version) - Mercury 12" UK 1987
11. LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (Harvey's Mix) - EMI 12" UK
12. Sly Mongoose - Bad Pulse (Padded Cell Rmx) - Mule 12"
13. Body Double (Lexx Edit) - Mindless Boogie 12"
14. Richard Wahnfried - Grandma's Clockwork - Innovative Communication LP German 1979
15. Stretch - Why Did You Do it (One-Two Jazz Mix) - Ariola 12" German 1985


Anonymous said...


I see we cracked the 300 downloads mark. That's pretty good I think. I'm in very sunny California now and when I get set up I'll do another one for you.

Take care,

chris keys said...

yeah well done on that - very nice - it's a great mix and yup I would love to have another - pls pls...

chris keys said...

ps - welcome to california!!!