Friday, June 22, 2007

Raised By Snakes

Perhaps not quiet as big as say Yello, back in the 80's Telex seemed certainly more likely to avoid blatant commercial output with their more than quirky Electro Pop cover versions & original Disco infused robotic loops. Throughout the era their material was playful, intriguing and more than a little surreal. Yello's 'Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess' album rates very high up with me, but Telex were more consistently oddball, if u like; where as Boris & Deiter chased after the charts, Telex were determined to keep it on the dance floor. Supersound recently picked up their 'Raised by Snakes' and had it remixed by Joseph Watt (of Razormaid Records fame), or perhaps he'd already done it. It's a great record, which should have u doing the 'snake robot' in a matter of seconds....

Telex - Raised By Snakes (Joseph Watt Remix)

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