Sunday, July 08, 2007

Brown Sugar

Gloria Gaynor is all too often remembered for her 'I Will Survive', which we've all heard so many times it's impossible to really hear now, it's probably a great tune but no amount of re-presentation is gonna turn it into something bareable... probably. Anyway here's a little underdog re-rub of her 'Casanova Brown' which is a whole other story, this one teases all the way through, threatening to explode, though it never does, instead just before it ends it unfolds beautifully into the original, just a little, before going back to the minimal groove the track is built on. The Underdog is very inventive here in his selection and his edit, maintaining its edginess and quirky quality throughout. Gloria's spoken vocal is blaxploitation heaven too....

Gloria Gaynor - Casanova Brown (Underdog Edit)

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