Thursday, July 05, 2007

Press Play Reminder

Just a Quick reminder to check out the mixes in the A.N.O.E. Press Play series, Paul Williams' mix ('European Vacation') got dropped by Div Share for some strange reason, maybe it was just too good, he'd reached about 120 downloads by the time it disappeared, if anyone was counting... For the track lists of each mix check through the recent archives, there are some seriously good tracks and selecting going on in each one. A bunch of really exciting dj's have signed up to do mixes for the series which I'm looking forward to handing over to you in the near future. For the record: Press Play #1 is by Talking In Stereo's dj Bwyse, Press Play #2 is from Stockholm dj Sebastian Broms, Press Play #3 comes from Marc Kets & Paul Hughes from Manchester (though Marc now lives in California) & lastly Press Play #4 comes from Paul Williams in Cheltenham.

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