Friday, July 20, 2007

Psyco Killer

Mentioning Tony Allen in the below post reminded me of his 'Psyco On Da Bus' album with dub genius Doctor L from back in 2001. In my humble opinion, this is the ultimate Tony Allen album, followed by 'Home Cooking', it's not strictly Tony on his own, but rather him with Doctor L, Jean Phi Dary, Jeff Kellner and Cesar Anot. Tony often collaborates, check his work with Damon Albarn on 'Home Cooking' for something really special. 'Never Satisfied' is timeless work, with touches of electronica, mesmerizing dub power and organic beauty, but then the whole album is this good, I listen to it and feel simultaneously outwitted (weird I know) and amazed. If you don't have it or are not really into afro, just go buy it anyway, it's available on Comet.

Psyco On Da Bus - Never Satisfied

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