Monday, July 02, 2007

Road to the Beard

Map of Africa's long awaited album came out a month or so ago on Whatever We Want Records. It's very much a beardy affair and a grubby one at that, filled with gritty biker friendly, faded tattoo and distressed leather type free Psychedelic Rock. Followers of Harvey have long been led away from his wobbly jazzy dubbed out House of the 90's, toward stranger, muddier bongo and guitar based hobo Disco, Balearic sounds & dusty crate finds. Map of Africa, his band with Thomas Bullock (of Rub 'n Tug & Whatever We Want Records, amongst other things) is the pinnacle of this journey away from, lets say, leftfield club sounds, in fact if you heard this album without knowing anything of these producers you'd think they were a couple of dirty ol rockers, albeit rather talented ones. It's not an easy listen if you're into obvious hooks and it all depends on just how much of a beard you are, maybe it helps to have maintained some love for indie sounds. The last track on the album 'Here Come the Heads' doesn't blister with the ragged venom of the main body of this release; it's lighter, pretty, a little bit silly, has more than a touch of Beck about it and is really no more than a sun drenched invitation to enjoy their scene.

Map of Africa - Here Come The Heads

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Anonymous said...

Great tune on what is a very poor album. Still 3 decent tunes on an album is pretty good going on the Balearic scene.

chris keys said...

I kinda agree, I like it, but it ain't gonna get repeated plays, this track though is very groovy...