Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Everything connects here at A.N.O.E... Phantom Slasher's (aka The Idjuts) new album 'Gruble' out on Noid, has been discussed here and on other blogs before (ie. it's really good, go and get it already) but I didn't realise that the vinyl version (which I have) has two missing tracks which appear only on the cd. 'We Don't Care' is basically the Slasher doing a very Steely Dan sort of deep dubbed space jazz & soul thing, it's probably an edit of sorts, but I have no idea who might have done the original, any ideas? It's fantastic, though quiet different to the rest of the album, as is 'Mike's Tears' the other cd only track.

Phantom Slasher - We Don't Care


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Keyz,

I have no idea if it is just my iTunes playing tricks on me, but 'We don't care' sounds a lot like 'Foosh' from this album:

Not sure though if it's just wrongly tagged. If you want I can send you the mp3.

And of course: I love your blog! Beautiful stuff!

Greetings from Munich,


chris keys said...

Hey Martin, thanks for the kind words, glad you're digging the blog.

Hmmm very interesting, I am sure it's an edit and more than likely is the George Duke you speak of... I would love to hear it!! please do send me a link.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't have a link. I sent the mp3 to your email, I hope that's ok.


chris keys said...

perfect I'll check now

chris keys said...

Martin, well found! that is indeed the original, great track and great to see what the idjuts did with it, which is pretty brilliant really - but I do favour them highly...