Sunday, August 19, 2007

Harri's messages from One Love Central

Dj Harri, or Sir Harri of Glasgow to you and me, gave me another mix of his; an older one which has already seen some action on the www. It's all lovely skanking Reggae House, which is simultaneously mellow and smokin', perfect for the early Spring we're having out here in South Africa. It's jammed to the hilt with classics from the genre, very well made for dancing or chillin'. I'm happily reminded of a time I spend living just off Brixton in London (this is a time before Garrige or Brit Garage), deep throbbing bass lines wafting through the thick night heat and the ever present smell of burning weed, or 'South London incense' to ya mom. Stick this on you player, crank up the volume and enjoy, that is if you dont already have it yet, in which case time for a replay!!! The link will be here in this post and on the right hand bar under Guest mixes... go get it!


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