Thursday, August 09, 2007

From u for u

I'm off for a few days, I'll probably post something on Sunday night again. Headinghome is a great label, responsible for one of my favourite Force of Nature tracks (yeah the one with the Idjut remixes) along with some heavy heavy acid tunes from Bal Cath, lots of lovely Cali House from Hawkeye & Hotlips, the Idjut's killer 'Smoking Balls' and more. Back in Feb they dropped the 'Classique Roq Returns' EP by Heavyhandz. Talk about sultry, late night, deep and smooth spacey house grooves. It's a really beautiful release, if you've lost your taste for all things deep house, this will surely resurect some of those old feelings you might have had; it's a little bit of Detroit, a little bit Disco and a whole lot of skin on skin sweetness. One of the tracks is called 'La Rugburnz' which should give u an idea of what I mean, here is 'For You From you' from the ep. Pure Late Night Groove!!!!!!!!!!

Heavyhandz - For You From You


Lagos Disco Machine said...

hey chriss great tarck, comin back to live in jhb next week, u gonna be playoing round anywhere, gonna need some good music in my life

Anonymous said...

Enuff material of interest on your blog.

Will stop by from time to time.

So who is your Prelude records dealer/pusher ... love to meet this person(LOL).

SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!
Visit us anytime at

Anonymous said...

Never heard a contemporary dance cut sample Pam Todd's "Let's Get together."

A fave here BTW, too.

SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!

chris keys said...

LDM - hey hey, JHB :( shame ;), party scene here is sucking big time, I have a gig coming up at fuel - ill post something on the blog about it...

chris keys said...

soulfunk - yeah sorry i aint giving up details on the disco pusher, you gotta know a guy who knows a guy ;)