Sunday, May 09, 2010

lost edit - belvaros

Australian digger, DJ & Producer Andras Fox featured on a.n.o.e. a couple of times back in 2007, his rework of Sylvester's 'Over & Over' was very popular, as was his track 'Three Girls'. At the time Fox send me quiet a few tracks which I never shared, many of which I still enjoy. Andras recently completed the Red Bull Music Academy and is always working on new projects. You can check some of the results out here. How about this bumpin', Moodyman-esque beauty called 'Belvaros' ? As with the previous 'lost' edits, this has not been released... Loving it! still!

Andras Fox - Belvaros

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niggle-wiggle said...

any chance of a re upload? I've been after this for at least a year! I'd gladly pay for it if i could.