Sunday, May 16, 2010

memories of spring

Not much seems to be known about Robert Hall Productions, his albums carry very little information and it seems they're all called 'Production Music'. I haven't been lucky enough to cross paths with one of these strange and beautiful Library LP's... yet, but of course on the internet these days, you'll find nearly anything. If you're hunting for cool samples, you wont find much better across a range of possible musical variants originally designed for tv and film. Check out 'Memories Of Spring' for sublime Psyche Folk, though it's criminally short....

Robert Hall Productions - Memories Of Spring


Anonymous said...

Hello, noticed an old Torske post on your blog - any chance you might have a digital copy of "Sexy Disco (A side" handy?

chris keys said...

i think i still have it somewhere, otherwise ill rip it again.. check back here in a bit.