Monday, June 21, 2010

keepin' it to myself

I had seen the eponymous 1977 Soul Disco album on Jet Set by Jaisun in a few places on the internet, selling for not too much money; i'm not sure if there's a bootleg because in fact prices vary. I had also read that it's super rare and something of a classic. I toyed with getting one for some time (this happens a lot), but as if by magic a copy has found it's own way to me. It's a lovely album; Jaisun's vocals are golden, the production by William Stevenson is superb and full of deep touches and fine detail. There's some Disco and some Soul and at least one huge Horse Meat Disco type banger called 'You're All I Need To Get By'. Jaisun has gone on to write books, direct and does a lot of voice over work, but this album is her biggest achievement in the Music Industry; it was apparently created just after a tour she was on with Martha Reeves (and the Vandellas). It's a beautiful achievement and grows on one with each listen. Check out the very lovely 'Keepin' It To Myself' and grab a copy if you come across one...

Jaisun - Keepin' It To Myself

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