Saturday, June 19, 2010

need your love

Tokyo based label of distinction Jansen Jardin will be releasing their 4th 12" (this time internationally) this July; 'Need Your Love' is the type of track that will remind you of the best of times dancing to underground House music; it's a classic, warm, early morning, smoke machine, lovedup moment. Written and produced for Yuki Suzuki by Max Essa, 'Love' is nostalgia refreshed, it's the original House sound re-bumped for an increasingly blinkered scene; with Max's inimitable guitar funk, lush production, Yuki's sweet vocals and some almighty pads, this 12" is unmissable. Well that's for starters, flip to the b-side for an irrepressible, dubbed out remix from Lee Douglas; the TBD, Rong & Stallions man has delivered pure gold; I'm not even going to describe it. Check it below and get this record!!!

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