Sunday, July 25, 2010

c'est une bombe

While we're doing French Boogie, another recent discovery is the super sound of Mickey Milan. Boogie Times Records, the excellent rarities store and re-issue label, have done a very nice repack of Mickey's 1982 'C'est une Bombe' album which they put out on CD recently. Salsoul had picked up 'Quand Tu Danses (Y'A Tout Qui Bouge, Qui Balance !...)' from the album back in '82 for a 12" release which gives you an idea of the kind of quality we're talking about. There doesn't seem to be much info at all on the man himself around, but according to Discogs he quit recording around 1985. The re-issue contains some remixes which are ok, but nothing quiet touches the original 'C'est une Bombe' title track for heaps of probably kitsch French flair. Check it and stop by Boogie Times for some great digging...

Mickey Milan - C'est Une Bombe

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