Monday, July 12, 2010


Sticking with things Swedish, Name In Lights' new EP is just recently available on Sweden's lovely Feed Records. Feed are responsible for Kool Dj Dust's excellent 'Ancient Astronauts' release from a little while back, which by the way you can now download for free off their website (same with their first release). The 'Eld & Lågor' EP from NIL has four lush and deep Balearo Disco Cosmo House type instrumental swingers on it, each is an intricate, building, synth heavy & proggish affair, designed for different moments of the night. 'Ginnungagap', a 3am dark tunnel ride, will appeal to those after peak hour moments, but 'Helvete' is the early doors, even Balearic item that's getting lots of rotation around these parts. Thanks to the label you get a download of the track. Go check out Feed's site where you can check out the rest of the EP and also find links to that top class KDD mix and one also from Name In Lights...

Name In Lights - Helvete

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